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WeForex.org provides Pakistan's most updated currency exchange rates. Our website is your go-to source for the latest Forex rates in Pakistan. We provide real-time exchange rates for the Pakistan Open Market, Pakistan Inter Bank and International Currency market. Our USD to PKR rates are updated regularly, so you can always stay up to date. Our website also provides forex charts, historic currency rates & graphs, details about currency dealers, latest gold prices, prize bond results and latest updates on the foreign exchange market. Our aim is to be your number one choice for anything related to Forex in Pakistan.

International Currency Rates in US Dollar (USD)
As on Tue, Mar 14 2023, 18:28 GMT
Currency Symbol Units per USD USD per Unit  
   Australian Dollar AUD 1.496 0.6685
   Canadian Dollar CAD 1.369 0.7305
   Japanese Yen JPY 133.156 0.0075
   Saudi Riyal SAR 3.75 0.2667
   Singapore Dollar SGD 1.3476 0.7421
   U.A.E Dirham AED 3.6725 0.2723

Currency Rates Pakistan Open Market (PKR)

As on Tue, Mar 14 2023, 23:28 PST
Currency Symbol Buying Selling Charts
   Australian Dollar AUD 185 187.2
   Canadian Dollar CAD 203 205.2
   Japanese Yen JPY 2.06 2.11
   Saudi Riyal SAR 74.7 75.5
   Singapore Dollar SGD 204 206
   U.A.E Dirham AED 76.7 77.5

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 Currency Charts
Currency Rate Archive & Charts

Forex charts can help investors understand how exchange rates change over time. They show the fluctuations of the rates in a visual format. There are many factors that can affect exchange rates, such as interest rates, decisions made by banks, political events, and even the time of day. Understanding these factors and how they influence the market can help investors make more informed decisions.

Forex Charts

Currency Brokers Directory

It's important to choose the right forex broker. Our Forex Brokers Directory can help you with that. We provide guides that can help you pick the best forex brokerage firm for your needs.
•  Habib Exchange Co.
•  H & H Exchange Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
•  DollarEast Exchange (Pvt) Ltd.
•  Glaxy Exchange (Pvt.) Ltd.

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Gold Rate

Stay informed about the latest gold rates in Pakistan with our website, weForex.org. We provide detailed analysis and charts of the gold market, including bullion rates, updated by the minute. Whether you're interested in gold bullion coins or other precious metal investments, it's important to stay informed about the current rates of gold, silver and platinum. You can find everything related to gold market in Pakistan on weForex.org.

Gold Rate in Pakistan

What is Forex PK?

Forex PK refers to the foreign exchange market in Pakistan. The market is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan, which is the central bank of the country. The Forex market in Pakistan is growing rapidly, and more and more traders are entering the market to take advantage of the opportunities it presents. The market is open 24/7, and traders can trade in a wide range of currency pairs, including USD/PKR, EUR/PKR, and GBP/PKR.

The Forex market in Pakistan is highly volatile, and the value of the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) can fluctuate rapidly against other major currencies. Therefore, traders need to be well-versed in the fundamentals of the Forex market and have a solid understanding of technical analysis to make profitable trades.

The Role of State Bank of Pakistan in Forex Trading

As mentioned earlier, the State Bank of Pakistan is responsible for regulating the Forex market in Pakistan. The bank issues licenses to Forex brokers who comply with the regulatory framework and guidelines set by the bank. The State Bank of Pakistan also sets the interest rates and manages the country's foreign exchange reserves, which are used to stabilize the value of the Pakistani Rupee.

Tips for Trading in Forex PK

If you are interested in trading in Forex Pakistan, here are some tips to help you get started:


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